An Android privacy policy compliance tool suite.

Developer Tutorial

As a developer, you should have access to both the the source code and the compiled bytecode in the form of an APK file. In order to use these tools, you must also obtain your app's privacy policy.

It is important to note that the tools provided on this site do not guarantee accuracy. Violations are ultimately declared by lawmakers. PoliDroid serves to check for potential violations in order to improve developer and end-user confidence.

What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a natural language legal document disclosing the private information that is accessed, used, and/or shared. This document is used to fulfil legal obligations of the app publisher to its clients. Often, it is created by legal experts.

The tools on this site use natural language processing to scan your uploaded privacy policy and generate a list of permissible Android API methods. The PVDetector tool takes the policy along with your app's APK file and runs a static analysis of the app to look for potential "leaks" from methods not represented in your app's policy to outbound network-sharing methods. Such information flows are considered as potential violations and are included in PVDetector's output.

If you do not have a compiled APK, the Source Code Analyzer takes source code as an input and automatically cans, in your browser, for potential violations. This method does not analyze the code to see where the data flows. Instead, it is only able to annotate method invocations that are not represented within your code. The Source Code Analyzer suggests phrases to include in your policy to cover these potential violations.